26 Books That Kids (and Their Parents) Should Read

I am so excited that Blogging from A to Z April Challenge starts this Friday! And a challenge it will be. The biggest obstacle that I foresee for me is simply writing to an AUDIENCE (gasp!). As an author of YA and middle grade novels, I often go for months (and months and months) without anyone other than me reading what I’ve written. I’m hoping that being in touch with the outside world (Hi there!) will help me overcome my natural hermit tendencies.

Of course, there’s also the challenge of finding the time to do this. With an invalid pet on her last legs (quite literally), the last of our floor going in after months (and months and months) of living on subfloors and now (thanks to a leaking 5-gallon water bottle, the hideous orange asbestos vinyl hiding under our kitchen floor, and the fact that our cabinets were installed over said hideous orange asbestos vinyl) another home renovation project to manage all while trying to get Pepper Lowbrow and the Seven Hens ready to publish AND trying to keep my head above water with the rewrite of my new YA novel, I seriously wonder how I’m going to swing this. I’d be sitting on the edge of my seat and crossing my fingers like my grandmother used to do when she watched Bearcats basketball games right now if it didn’t make it impossible to type.

On the bright side, I have a topic that I’m really excited about: 26 Books That Kids (and Their Parents) Should Read. I am always on the hunt for good books to read and have found some of my favorites from online lists. The best lists, in my opinion, have enough of my favorites to insure that I’ve found someone whose taste in books I can trust as well as one or two new authors I’ve never read before. I hope my own 26 books will have a few gems in it too.


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