E is for Epimetheus – #AtoZChallenge

Did you just think, Gee, the name Epimetheus rings a bell but I can’t place it? Well you’re in luck! Rick Riordan has you covered with the most enjoyable way to learn about the Greek gods I’ve come across. Straight from the mouth of Riordan’s fictional character, Percy Jackson, comes a fun and comprehensive overview of the major players in Greek mythology. Be warned that even though this book was obviously written with kids in mind (meaning the worst of the raunchiness, violence and nastiness has been toned down a bit), these are still the Greek gods. They could hardly get through dinner without committing about a dozen acts of gory, vengeful violence. So this book is probably better suited for upper elementary and middle-school aged kids . . . or at least read with a parent nearby to explain why it’s not a good idea to split someone’s head open with an ax in hopes of finding a tiny goddess growing inside.


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