K is for Kilt – #AtoZChallenge

They’re WEE, they’re FREE and woe betide the person who mistakes their kilts for skirts for he’s bound to get a good kickin’. The tiny blue Nac Mac Feegles that infest the world of Tiffany Aching, the brave, level-headed protagonist of Terry Pratchett’s THE WEE FREE MEN, may be my favorite characters in all of literature. They’re tough, war-like pictsies that thrive on drinkin’, fightin’ and stealin’ and yet are ruled by the tough matriarch of their clan, the Kelda, and are reduced to their quivering knees by the young witch, Tiffany. These little guys are as comical as they are brave. (Ach! Don’t tell them I said that or I’m bound to get a good kickin’ too.) And they make Terry Pratchett’s already humorous story-telling side-splittingly funny. This is a great book for anyone from grade school to grave. And it even comes in an illustrated edition!


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