V is for Very – #AtoZChallenge


I admit it. Yesterday’s post was a bit brief to say the least. I probably should have done ‘U is for Umm’ as if ‘Umm, I can’t think of anything to say.’ I’m hoping that today’s post is better. So here goes:

“There was something coming up the street on the opposite side . . . Something VERY tall and VERY black and VERY thin.”

It was also one of the VERY best of Roald Dahl’s characters, THE BFG (that’s Big Friendly Giant for those not familiar with this gem of children’s literature). Along with Matilda, The Witches and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the book, not the movie) The BFG is one of my favorites of Dahl’s books. After being kidnapped by the giant, the heroine of the story, an orphaned girl named Sophie, becomes friends with the BFG and hatches a plan that includes the Queen of England to capture the BFG’s child-eating neighbors. This book  is great fun for kids of all ages.



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