W is for Wind – #AtoZChallenge

THE NAME OF THE WIND by Patrick Rothfuss is a hefty book. It’s volume alone makes this a better choice for highschool-age kids and possibly the more ambitious middle-schooler. But it’s definitely not one to be missed so if your kid is still a youngster, tuck this book away for later. Who knows? The series may finally be written by the time your kid gets around to reading it. But, then again, probably not. Patrick Rothruss is notoriously slow getting his books out. In the meantime enjoy what he’s written because it’s great.  The first book in the series tells of the childhood of Kvothe and how he lost his parents, lived as a street urchin and ultimately won his way into a school of magic. The adventure he travels along the way isn’t an easy one and life is so hard and dangerous for Kvothe that you’ll likely be on the edge of your seat for all 662 pages.


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