The Geese and the Watermelon – A Post-it-note Story

Late one afternoon three geese came upon a watermelon in the middle of a field. “What is it?” asked the younger goose. “It is a space ship,” declared the wise older goose. “Well we can hardly leave it here,” said the third. “Some human may come along and eat it and the poor aliens will be stuck on our planet.” So the three geese rolled the watermelon into some reeds by the nearby lake where it was safely hidden from all humans.


Three Mice, A Post-it-Note Story

One rainy day, three mice sat huddled underneath a mushroom on the edge of a field. The rain was coming down so hard that puddles started growing beneath them. Soon, one of the mice decided to climb on top of the mushroom to get out of the water. It was to the great woe of this mouse that he was the first to discover the newly genetically engineered venus mouse-trap mushroom.

Post-it-Note Stories

This is a great exercise for writers, whether novice or pro. It’s quick and fun and can be used as a warm-up or to push through a writer’s block.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Get a 3×3 Post-it-Note and a pen,
  2. Turn on good lighting and grab a magnifying glass if you have one,
  3. Write. Don’t worry about plot or punctuation. Just have fun! Your complete story must fit on a single Post-it-Note (using the back is allowed).

When I first started to write this was how I learned to put words on a page. I figured if I could fill three inches, another eight wasn’t so hard. And if I could do that, a chapter wasn’t so daunting and . . . well, you get the idea.  I’ll be posting some of my original Post-it-Note stories over the next few weeks for you to enjoy.